Concussion: Signs, Symptoms, and Management

The evaluation and decision to return to sport in relation to a concussion have come a long way from when experiencing a concussion was compared to "getting your bell rung". 

Considering the numerous amount of symptoms that may come along with a concussion (headache, dizziness, loss of consciousness, "foggy feeling", etc.) having only one present is grounds to remove an athlete from the field or ice.

If an athlete is thought to have obtained a concussion they should be taken out of play and should not return that day. Athletes must successfully go through a series of progressional steps over the course of roughly a week to be able to be deemed healthy enough to return to sport.

With the skill and speed of sports today it is obvious that teams should have someone qualified in the assessment and treatment of a concussion. Athletic therapists can do just that to maintain a fun and healthy game.

Please visit the URL below from the Canadian Athletic Therapy Association's website for a full overview of concussion symptoms, management, and return to play protocol.,%20Symptoms%20&%20Management.pdf